Wednesday, July 22, 2009

CA Trip

Kyle and I just got back from California and we had a blast. We went with 2 different couples! We went to the Dodgers vs Astro baseball game. We sat in the middle of the Dodger section where Tiff had a Astro jersey on and, man did the comments flow. We sat right by the Astro's bull pen and after the closing pitcher finished warming up he gave Tiff his ball. Oh and did I mention that the Astro's kicked the Dodger's butt!

After that we headed to San Diego to watch a little more baseball! We to the Padres vs Rockies. Then it was off to the beach. The water was so stinking cold so Kyle would only put his toes in but don't worry I got all the way in. After about 10 minutes or so my body was so numb that I thought the water was warm HAHA...

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