Thursday, October 1, 2009

Kyla's School Program

First off please ignore the first posting of Kyla's school program I hit post some how!


Are little priness had her very first school program and I have to be honest we were a little worried at how she would do, but she did amazing!

From the moment Kyle and I arrived she couldn't keep her eyes off of us. She kept telling everyone one there is my daddy and Tiffanie with the biggiest smile ever, and through out the entire program she would stop and wave and blow us kisses.. Up until the last two songs she did really good about keeping her focuse but any hour and half later what 5 year old isn't going to lose intersest.

If you go to youtube and search ktgillespie13 you will be able to see her in action.

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So glad everything went well at the concert. There are many more in the future!!! Glad to see you finally are posting again!