Wednesday, September 8, 2010

We are Having a Baby

What a day. We just found out some very exciting news that is goin to change our lives forever. WE ARE HAVING A BABY.
I had been feeling kind of weird lately but I just thought it was stress from trying to get everything ready for the move to Texas. So the morning before we are leaving for our 22 hr long drive to start our new adventure in life I decided to take a pregancy test just to see. I already knew it was going to say negative but I just thought I would check anyway. BOY was I suprised when that little thing popped up postive. In fact I was so suprised I took 4 more test just to see if they all said the samething. By they time we arrived in Texas I was up to 5 test and several stops along the road to throw up I was offically convinced that the results were correct and that it was safe to say we are having a baby. So not only are we moving to Texas but we are all also starting a family together!

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