Wednesday, December 22, 2010

23 Weeks

Well here I am at 23 weeks! It's getting harder and harder to bend over and touch the ground and my sitting on the floor days are getting limited because I just can't pop up off their like I use to.
Kash is kicking and wiggling like crazy and it gets worse when I eat certain foods. I have heartburn more then I don't and I swear I'm just going to put a pillow and blanket in the bathroom and start sleeping on the pot because I spend most of my night in there. Every once in a while Kyle complains about my getting in out of bed all night because it wakes him up. I just give him a look of death and he quickly stops complaining!!
Ever since Kash has started moving Jewels has felt the need to rest her little head or some other part of her body on my belly. Maybe it is her way of letting him know that she is going to protect him even though we all know she isn't going to be doing anything but eating the food he throws on the floor and giving him puppy kisses all the time. Iggy is a little different the bigger I get the less he has to do with. I think he is a little jelous!!!
I'm not sure who is more excited me or Kyle.. Everyday he tells me how he can't wait to hold him and watch sports with him and all the usually guy stuff.. It's so cute. I think this poor little guy is going to get stuck wearing more burnt orange in his first year of life then the average person wears their entire life. I think everything Kyle has bought Kash is in Longhorn stuff...


[Stacia] said...

I'm sure I already told you this, but you are going to LOVE having a little boy!!! And you look so cute pregnant!


You look amazing!!! I wish you were closer....we are so happy for you and Kyle. Looking forward to meeting Kash : )