Monday, June 6, 2011

Just a few things I have learned lately.

It is possible to love something more then life it's self the moment you meet them.

Each day that passes gets easier to function on little sleep. Thank heavens for coffee!

It is okay to stay home all day in your pjs.

Even at 6 weeks old little boys think it's funny when they pee on you and everything else around you.

I can spend an hour plus just holding my "lil" guy just to watch him sleep.

Grocery shopping takes twice as long it did before.

No matter how careful you think you are, your going to have baby spitup on you.

You learn to just ignore the fact that the minute you place him on the counter to check out or when someone walks up to see your sweet baby he either farts or messes his pants.

From the moment we got home from the hospital he became the boss of the house.


Anonymous said...

You sure sound like a mom! Good Job Tiff! Enjoy that bundle...they grow up fast! I'm so proud of you!


OMG YES!!! You will be learning lots of other things.....Enjoy every step of the way!! You sound like a great MOM already, soon you'll be crying tears of joy for no reason at all. Welcome to Mommyhood : )

Can't wait to see you and your little bundle of joy!

Luv ya!!!