Monday, August 3, 2009

Kyla Jade

True diva. This summer was the first time she has ever had the good old fashion pink spung curlers in her hair and now that is her new favorite thing. I honstly think she is the only little girl Iknow that will ask for them, and getting her to take them out is a whole other story.

Playing a little dress up.

Iggy & Kyla. He is the only one brave enough to ride around with her.

Out on the town doing a little shopping. Phone in one hand and purse open ready to go in the other one.

Kyla is 5 going on 16. She thinks she needs to have her hair done just perfect everyday along with some makeup, lipstick and high heels. We have had a blast with her this summer. From swimming, running threw the sprinklers, cruzing the neighborhood in her hot wheels to just sitting around the house.

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