Monday, August 17, 2009

Summer Project

Okay so this is probably a little lame to blog about but I can't lie I am pretty proud of myself. this summer I decided that I was going to take up sewing. Most people start with simple little projects but not me! I decided to do a jelly roll quilt. You are probably thinking what is that. Well you get a roll of about 60 strips of fabric and you have to sew them one by one on a piece of fabric. Well about 4 month later and many of choice words and hair pulling my quilt is FINALLY DONE!


Stacha Deni said...

haha! Choice words... Love it!
You're freaking amazing! You've inspired me now and I want to make something cute! But I don't think I can start off big like you did. I'm not as talented as you are!

Andy, Lacy, & Jarett Schumann said...

wow, i love it! it looks really cute ;0)


You do amazing work and I know your puppies love you for it!