Sunday, February 21, 2010


Well the puppies are finally here and it was an adventure!

Everyone kept telling me to leave Jewels home for the weekend while I went to see Kyle but I couldn't leave her behind plus I wanted to be there when the puppies were born.

Not quite ready to pop... at least that is what I thought!

So this morning she was acting a little weird but I thought it was just because it was so stinking hot in the trailer. I took her for a little walk and opened the door to get her some air and that seemed to do the trick!

About an hour later her and Kyle where sitting on the couch together eating breakfast when he looked over and oh boy there is a puppy sitting right next to him. Well the poor guy about threw up everywhere and had to leave for awhile because he couldn't handle it. I personally thought it was freaking cool and would have loved to film it but Kyle wouldn't let me.

Any way here is the first little baby

I'm not sure who was more stressed out during this. Kyle, me, Iggy or Jewels. I know what you are all thinking. They are just dogs but not at this house. They are probably treated better then most kids.

Many hours later all 5 of the puppies were here! Thank goodness.. Oh wait now I how to figure out how I was getting them all home.

The car ride home

Home safe and sound!

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Anonymous said...

AHHHHH!!!! Holy cow!!!! They are soooo cute!! Are you going to sell any???? We have been searching high and low for a female pug puppy!!! My hubby's b-day is on the 16th of this month and I would love to surprise him with a puppy. I know they won't be ready to leave mama then but maybe we can take a picture or something. Let me know your plans but I am VERY VERY INTERESTED!!!!! email me or call me! CONGRATS!!!